Amazoy is the premium turf grass choice for golf courses, athletic fields and lawns.

Amazoy Sod has a lush, dark green color - ranked #1 in the
mid-Atlantic region. It stays green all summer in spite of
heat and drought. Zoysia has better wear tolerance than all cool
season turf grasses. It feels good underfoot, like walking on a
soft carpet. Medium texture enhances its uniform appearance.

Amazoy Sod withstands the widest temperature range of all turf
grasses and can survive from 30° below zero to 120° F. It is winter
hardy, unlike bermuda grass and other warm season grasses.
Zoysia is resistant to most insects and diseases. Amazoy recovers
well from mechanical injury on golf courses and athletic fields
because of its high wear durability. It thrives in all types of soil.

Amazoy Sod saves money!
Golf courses report annual savings of up to $3000 per acre as
compared to cool season grasses. It needs up to 2/3 less mowing,
80% less watering and minimizes the use of all chemical
applications by crowding out summer weeds.
Amazoy is the Trade Mark registered US Patent Office for our Meyer Z-52 Zoysia Grass

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